Camping Folding Table Aluminum with Carrying Handle With 4Ft Long 
Price: $30

Camping Folding Table Aluminum with Carrying Handle With 4Ft Long 

Price: $30 Cash Only

Condition: NEW

Color: Silver

Material: Aluminum

Size: Length 48.00 x Width 23.50 x Height 27.00 inches


Lightweight Fold Up Aluminum Camping Table.

Perfect for tailgating, camping, or any special occasion the Aluminum Camping Table is ready when you are.

Features a carry handle for easy and it folds up for compact storage. Made of lightweight aluminum, this table is easy to tote around, simple to set up, and easy to clean. Use one for a small group or line them up end to end to create a long buffet style table. While great for many uses this table was designed with camping in mind. Lightweight so you can easily carry it long distances, easy to wipe off so no worry about spills, stains, or other issues.


Made of lightweight aluminum

Carry handle

Conveniently folds for easy storage and transportation

Quick Setup

Use by itself or arrange in multiples for all occassions

What's Included

1x Fold Up Aluminum Table