Expandable Magic Water Hose With Spray Nozzle Head Blue - NEW
Price: $10 ~ $25

** Brand NEW ** 

Size Available:

25ft  - $10

50ft  - $15

75ft - $20

100ft - $25

Product Features:

Expands up to 3 times of its original length when water is turn on and Retracts back to original size when turned off
include Gun Head with 7 adjustable pattern head,including shower,flat,center,cone,full,mist,jet.


1:Drain the hose in summer and keep it shaped as much as possible when you are not using it 
2:Store the hose in winter in the condition of drain the hose completely as water remaining can freeze,damaging the hose
3:try to dry off water in the hose when not use in case water freeze ,damaging the hose 
4:Do not run hot water through this hose
5:Don't turn on 6kg pressure immediately, please try to keep under 6kg