Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner / Vacuum for In / Above Ground Pool - Bumper
Price: $60

All the Automatic Pool Cleaners are brand new, still in sealed package box. NEVER OPENED NEVER USED. BRAND NEW ITEM!!!

Never worry about cleaning your pool again. Our Automatic Pool Cleaner does all the pool cleaning for you. An automatic pool cleaner can really help cut pool maintenance chores down to size, allowing you and your family to spend more time enjoying your pool. We offer a line of automatic cleaners to help you keep your in ground or aboveground pool sparkling clean with a minimum of effort

Our Automatic Pool Cleaner IS TIME-TESTED
This top-of-the-line cleaner will thoroughly clean your inground pool floor and walls to automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand and even pebbles. Its bumper fin and anti-stick design ensure maximum coverage and increased maneuverability.

Our Automatic Pool Cleaner IS EASY TO INSTALL 
You can install the Automatic Pool Cleaner in minutes. No tools needed. Since it's pre-assembled in the box, just attach the disc and Long-Life hoses.

Our Automatic Pool Cleaner IS POOL OWNER FRIENDLY
The Cleaner is one of the most pool-owner-friendly cleaners ever made. It has only one operational moving part, the Long-Life diaphragm. If it should ever need service, its patented Quick Release Cassette lets you remove it, service it yourself or replace it poolside.

Our Automatic Pool Cleaner IS QUIETER
Other automatic pool cleaners have a flapper, which makes an annoying hammer noise. The Cleaner is built to work quickly, effectively and quietly.

Product Information:

  • Suitable for above ground and in-ground pools (But not with Splasher pools)
  • Requires with a minimum flow of 1600 ga/h or a pump of minimum 3/4 hp to function properly
  • Includes ~32 feet of hoses


  • One Pool Cleaner
  • ~32 Feet of Hoses
  • Round Bumper
  • Assembly instructional manual