Vibration 10 Motor Massage Full Body Cushion Pad with Heat - Lumbar - Neck - Shoulder - Back - Leg & Thigh Massager with Heat Therapy

Price: $45
SKU: Massage Pad

Product Description

This massage cushion will add comfort via a relaxing massage to any surface. Whether you have pain in your Back, Lumbar, Neck or just want to use it to relax, this massage cushion with it's 10 invigorating massage motors works great for the upper back, mid and lower back and thighs to sooth your aches and pains away. It's great for the office, home or automobile. It can also provide heat for the back with or without a massage. (For safety, heat won't go on unless pressure is applied to the cushion.)


  • **This is not a Shiatsu kneading massager with rolling balls; This is a vibration massager only
  • This massage cushion is suitable for home or office use, which is an easy way to reduce stress and the everyday strain on you body from travel, work, and other stress factors.
  • 10 powerful massage motors provide soothing relief on your back,lumbar and thighs.
  • Heating option provides soothing comfort to your lumbar,built-in thermostat to control the temperature within a comfort level
  • Adjustable intensity and rhythm. Easy-to-use by handheld remote controller


  • Condition: NEW
  • Dimensions: L x W
What's Included
  • Mass Pad