Quad Watch Winder 4+6 AC/ DC Operated IC Timer - PU Leather
Price: $70

Brand New

For many discerning people, it's not enough to just have a watch case for our finest jewelry. Today's most extravagant timepieces come equipped with automatic movement. That means they never need batteries and never need to be wound by hand. They're powered by the movement of your body when you wear them. But what if you have different watches for different occasions? Chances are your watch will stop from extended periods of non use. Our specially designed automatic watch winder will keep your favorite watches wound and ready for when you need them. A silent motor and gear keeps the watches moving under a display.

Our watch winder's convenient "Auto-Daily-Repeat" feature ensures that your watches will be fully wound and ready to wear anytime, everyday. A unique feature that could hardly be found in other watch winder brands. Featuring precision-engineered, state of the art design which will please anyone with an un-compromised taste of quality and luxury.Our watch winder is the perfect accessory for your watches.

The case is wrapped in PU leather for style and function. Color choices to allow blending with any home decor style. Interior is soft beige fabric that will keep your watches from any scratches or markings.


  • Easy Operation, no fuss!
  • Auto-Daily-Repeat with a pre-set timer
  • Automatic clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation
  • Winds almost all automatic watches **Does NOT wind Seiko Kinetic
  • Silent independent turntable motors and gears
  • Felt bottom lining to protect furniture surfaces


  • Condition: NEW
  • Dimensions: 7.00 H x 12.00 W x 9.50 L inches
  • Color: Black, Blue or Brown PU Leather
  • Capacity:Winds up to 4 watches | Stores Additional 6
  • Rotation Mode: Bi-directional. Approximately 20 rotations per minute
  • Rotation Program: Pre-programmed. 2 Minutes CW, 6 Minutes Delay, 2 Mins CCW. Repeat. Over 800 Rotations per day each direction.
  • Power: AC Adapter
What's Included
  • 1 x Watch Winder
  • 1 x Power Adapter